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 Bath House Hotel Safe Re-Opening  - Covid19 Risk Assessment


Date: 28th June 2020

Location: Bath House Hotel

 Runnacleave Road


 EX34 8AR

 Type of Operation: Hotel

Services Provided: Overnight/multiple night stays, breakfast, residents bar.

Name of Person who has developed this document: Nina James

 The Hazard

SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus that can invade a host via the respiratory route or via hand to eye / mouth / nose contact, causing the disease COVID-19.

People who appear healthy may be carrying and shedding the virus, which can be passed on either directly or indirectly to others. This means we need to assume that anyone could be carrying the virus.

The routes of transmission (how the hazard can cause harm – the risks)

• Direct contact to face – eyes, nose from droplets or aerosols spraying from an infected person onto another person who is in close contact.

• Contamination via droplets from sneezing and coughing landing on surfaces and then transferring via hands on to eyes and nose and mouth. Other means of secretions getting on to surfaces could be from infected people touching their eyes, nose and mouth and then touching surfaces with contaminated hands.

• Contaminated hands of infected people can transfer the virus directly to others (e.g. handshakes) or on to hand contact surfaces which can be picked up by other people’s hands and transferred to their eyes, nose or mouth

• Possible transmission from faces to hands and then directly or indirectly to the body via hands and hand contact surface transfer.

The main controls are:

• Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines

• Disinfecting hand contact surfaces

• Hand washing and hand sanitiser use at key moments

• Not touching eyes, mouth or nose with contaminated fingers (if used)

The controls set out in this document will be specific for this operation, taking into account how the business operates, and how customers and staff use the premises and interact.


Responsibilities/processes based on covid19 prevention measures.


Upon booking, confirmation with registration form and covid19 measures will be sent to guests.  They will be requested to complete the form, and email it back to the hotel, with completed details and acknowledging the covid19 measures to be adhered to.  If unable to do so, or a ‘walk in’, they will sit at allocated table to read and complete form.

They will be encouraged to enter through car park door upon arrival (ETA requested).

Guests will be required to sanitize hands at reception and have their temperature scanned and written on registration form for each member of the party.  Guests, and their party, will be refused entry if any member’s temperature is above 37.5°C (pre-arrival email will recommend they take their temperature before travelling as to avoid surprises and a wasted trip).  Guest to sign the preprinted registration document.  Thermometer, pen and reception to be sanitized after completion.

Should a queue arise at reception, floor indications are given to allow social distancing.

Guest handed a ‘welcome pack’ – sanitized room key, information regarding general hotel use, copy of covid19 measures, room beverages/soap/shampoos/plastic cups as requested.

They will be requested to walk to the right when moving around the building and to consider social distancing when seeing other guests.

Only people of the same household to use the lift together.  Requested to only use the lift on checking in/out with luggage and if needed due to mobility issues.  To use going up only, if possible.  Sanitizer stations at each lift/corridor entry point.

Once checked in, if possible, only use the front door for access to and from the hotel.  This reduces movement through the bar/reception area.

Breakfast will be a prearranged time per room, one room per table – no groups.  Tables are socially distanced, sanitized after ever use, only necessary cutlery, condiments, drinks and food delivered throughout their breakfast session.  Guests to be aware that there are time limitations and that conversing across the dining room is unacceptable.  Guests will be asked to wait at the entry to the dining room at their allocated time and sanitize their hands before being shown to their table.  Floor indications are given should a queue arise.

No gatherings in the lounge and bar area, as per government guidelines.  There are 3 sofas in the lounge, distanced, for guest use. Tables and chairs, distanced, in the bar area for those using the bar only.  One family or a maximum of 4 guests to sit at one table. Conversing across the room to be discouraged.  Drinks are to be ordered from reception, paid for using contactless card and delivered to the table.  Used glasses may be placed on the bar for removal by staff but the bar is not to be approached for perusal – menus will be on tables. Bar hours from 4pm until 10.30pm, with the possibility of opening/closing earlier at the owners/staff discretion. Tables will be available for consuming takeaway upon prearrangement with staff, so that a table can be reserved, and with a purchase from the bar.  The hotel is happy to provide plates/cutlery to be taken to rooms, but these must be kept inside the room until a designated time the following morning.

There will be no housekeeping service for the duration of the stay.  Towels will be provided on arrival, wrapped in a clear plastic bag and left on the bed.  If a guest wishes their towels to be changed, they must be left outside the room between 9 am and 11am, in the plastic bag and tied, with the ‘Room Request Form’ clearly visible through the plastic.  Clean towels, and other items requested, will be left for the guest outside of their door wrapped in a fresh clear plastic bag.  Bins are to be tied and left at the same time as towels – fresh bin bags will be supplied in the above pack.  Guests are welcome to request further items from reception, where a stock will be kept.  Guests staying for longer than a week will have a bedding change upon consultation with reception and at a time when they are absent from the room.

Upon checking out, guests are encouraged to leave their keys in a basket on reception. All payments will have been concluded before or during the stay.  As staff will be working breakfast, any communication during this time may result in a delay.



Currently husband and wife team (owners) and 1 full time member of staff.  Extra staff will be engaged as the need arises.


At the beginning of every day, corridor doors and handles to be sanitized and doors secured open.  Banisters, lift entry points and the lift to be sanitized.  The reverse is to be carried out upon lock up in the evening.  Front door handles and lock to be sanitized.

As the owners provide a 24 hour service, late night issues must be addressed with social distancing and hand sanitizing when greeting guests.

At the end of the day, the reception area, bar and lounge seating to be wiped down.


Reception/phones/computer to be wiped regularly.  As it is usual for only one member of staff to be on duty in that area for long periods of time, contamination risk is reduced.  Upon a new member of staff completing duties, sanitization must take place.

Sanitization to take place regularly based on amount of contact from staff and guests.

Card machine to be wiped after each use.

Smoking breaks are to be taken with distancing consideration.  Personal drinks bottles and snacks brought from home to be encouraged.

When receiving deliveries, respond as per government/delivery company guidelines and wipe down the items before storing as required.

Dining room/breakfast

·         The dining room furniture is to be sanitized at the end of every service and during as usage requires. 

·         Cups, saucers, teaspoons, sugar and milk to be delivered once the breakfast order has been taken.

·         No breakfast buffet to be allowed, instead that area is to be used to facilitate the serving of breakfast at these times. 

·         When moving between the dining room and kitchen, be aware of other staff on the stairs.  Be aware of other staff in the kitchen when collecting/returning items. 

·         Sanitize hands when dirty items are deposited and before serving each guest.

·         Face mask must be worn during breakfast service.

·         Dirty items to be placed on a tray on the allocated table (by the staff door) and removed as soon as possible. 

·         Any unused jams/marmalades and sauces to be wiped and put to one side.  Unused sugar, salt and pepper sachets to be binned. 

·         Tables to be completely cleared, wiped and a clean tablecloth to be used.  All chairs at the table to be wiped over.

·         Usual end of service cleaning to be undertaken.


·         Usual morning routine cleaning to be undertaken.  Extra sanitization to take place upon use by guests or as decided based on footfall during the day.

·         The phone is not to be answered during breakfast service unless it is safe and convenient to do so.

·         Registration forms to be printed and ‘welcome packs’ constructed ready for check in after breakfast, including sanitizing the keys left by that morning’s departures.

·         Contact with guests to be kept to a minimum and only from behind the safety screen, unless temperature scanning, which must be done at arm’s length, preferably with a facemask. 

·         When needing to check the parking situation, distancing must be observed.  No cars are to be allowed to block the carpark – keys cannot be left for staff to move cars. 

·         Drinks orders may be taken at reception and delivered to the table.  Coffee/tea/sugar/plastic cups/toilet roll/soaps etc, can be given to guests, upon request, from the stock behind the bar.


Rooms will not be serviced during the guests stay.  If the duration is longer than 7 days, a bed change will be negotiated between staff and guest and implemented whilst the room is unoccupied.

On arrival, towels will be left on a bed in the room, wrapped in a clear plastic bag to indicate they are clean.  This bag is to be used to return used towels when required, the bag being tied and left outside the door between 9am and 11am with the ‘Room Request Form’ clearly visible through the plastic.  The items requested can be included in the towel pack, all of which will be wrapped in a new clear plastic bag and left outside the door as per the housekeeping schedule.  At the start of the housekeeping session, all forms are to be photographed using a mobile phone and sent on WhatsApp to the ‘housekeeping chat’ so they are available for reference. Bags are then to be taken straight to the lower ground floor where the towels will be washed and the request forms and bags disposed of safely. The lift is then to be cleaned - contact points wiped and carpet sprayed.  The corridor carpet is then to be sprayed before the ‘Room Request Packs’ are made up and left outside rooms.  Cleaning of change over rooms can then be undertaken.


Follow the suggested routine to ensure safe cleaning of vacated rooms.

-       Before entering the room, put on a face mask and a disposable apron. 

-       Take the sanitizing kit, black bin bag for laundry and rubbish, bowl for crockery. 

-       Strip the bedding, including protectors and put all laundry in a black bin bag and tie, leaving just outside the room. 

-       Empty the bins and remove any toilet rolls, putting them into a black bin bag and leave outside the room.

-       Put all crockery and glasses into the bowl and leave outside the room.

-       Draw the curtains and completely spray the room, including curtains, mattress, pillows, carpet, all surfaces, inside the wardrobe and drawers and the bathroom (avoiding the television and kettle).

-       Wipe the windowsill and window locks, door locks, light switches and high contact areas, the safe if present, television, kettle and the remote with anti-bacterial wipes. 

-       Wipe down all sprayed hard surfaces including the bathroom.  

-       Replace the cups, saucers and teaspoons with clean from stores. 

-       Remake bed including protectors with clean laundry from stores. 

-       Hoover. 

-       Leave towel parcel on the largest bed. 

-       Move dirty laundry to allocated gathering point. 

-       Move bowl, rubbish bin and cleaning kit to the next room. 

-       Spray the carpet outside of the room, wipe down door frame, door and lock – leaving room sanitized for next arrival.

Clean a room at a time to reduce movement through the corridor to cupboards.

If a guest has been suspected of, or diagnosed with covid19 symptoms, the room will be left vacant for 72 hours before the cleaning process begins.


Back to work policy

Fitness to work

Discussions with all staff to ascertain personal limitations (vulnerable members at home, health issues etc).  Staff to be temperature checked upon arrival and sent home if above 37.5°C.  Staff also to be responsible for monitoring their own health, and that of any household members, that may affect their ability to work and the safety of their household.  Staff must inform the owners before 7am, at the latest, if they are unable to work that day’s shift; notification the night before is preferred but not always viable.


Staff will be required to attend a session before their first shift, in order to read through and sign the ‘Covid 19 Risk Assessment and Preventative Measures for a Safe Reopening’ document.  They will be required to complete a run through of procedures for each area of the hotel – breakfast/dining room, kitchen, reception/bar and housekeeping.

As government guidance changes, staff will be given briefings to discuss updates and their impact.

Staff are reminded of the need for regular hand sanitization/washing and social distancing.


Staff will be provided with facemasks for use in the dining room, table service in the bar, housekeeping and the kitchen.  If they wish to wear them at other times, extras are available.  Disposable aprons and gloves are supplied where needed.  Hand sanitizer is supplied in the dining room, kitchen, by the washing machines and on each corridor.

Staff will be encouraged to arrive at work in their own clothes and change into uniforms in a designated room.  At the end of shift, their uniform will be sprayed with an anti-bacterial spray, regardless of whether they are taking it home or not.


Before opening all areas will be thoroughly cleaned using sanitizing products.  Areas will be sanitized as appropriate, taking into account the type and frequency of guest and staff interaction.  Bar tables and chairs, dining table and chairs and sofas will be wiped down after each use, reception wiped after each guest interaction.  Lift buttons and handles and door handles will be frequently sanitized.


The hotel does not have air conditioning.  Guests will be allowed to request fans for their own rooms but fans will not be stationed in any staff of public area.

Hand hygiene

There are 6 hand sanitizer stations situated around the hotel for guest and staff use, another 4 in staff areas.  Toilet washbasins and hand wash stations in the kitchen are also available for staff use.  The public toilets will not be open for guests as visitors to the hotel are forbidden and therefore each guest will have use of their private bathroom.

Adaptation of food and beverage supply

The menu for bar drinks has been simplified and placed on the tables allocated for bar purchases, as well as the bar.  It is contained in an acrylic sleeve and will be sanitized after each customer.

Breakfast will now require reservations.  The breakfast menu has also been simplified and contained in acrylic sleeves.  Ordering will now be more specific due to the inability to have a range of cereals, juices, jams etc displayed. If a guest is uncomfortable with attending breakfast in the dining room, a ‘Continental Breakfast in a Bag’ will be delivered to their room for each member of their party.

Hotel Facilities

The public toilets and they gym/sauna are closed to guests for the foreseeable future.  The pool table in the bar and the public phone are also unavailable.  Attraction leaflets are displayed from behind reception and available on request.  Assistance with luggage will not be offered unless a guest is obviously struggling with mobility or health issues.  Social distancing must be observed and hand sanitizing completed immediately afterwards.






The Bath House Hotel is independently owned and



J H Hotels Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 04753711.

Contact Information:

Bath House Hotel

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EX34 8AR

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